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Art Psychotherapist

Hi , I am Amanda, a humanistic, art psychotherapist. I have a bachelor in Arts Psychotherapy, Theatre Arts and a Cert 3 in Children Services. This allows me to hold a level 2, ACA Counselling registration.

I am a Mother of one human, a canine and a feline. 

I do have lived experience of childhood trauma and grief and loss.

How I work.

I work as a person/participant/client lead therapist. I work with the person's pace and space within the now.  My focus as a therapist, is on the relationship between client, the self and the space between. I value transparency, authenticity, accountability and the empowerment, of one's inner strengths.

Every client I work with, in therapy can look very different in the way the session flows.  The session will involve the three concept, validation, process and discovery(see below for further information).

What makes my practice unique is my lived experience and my authenticity. I aim to be a transparent therapist, who, can challenge a persons thoughts and empower their actions and strengths. 

In my sessions, I hope we can experience but not limit it to laughter, tears, anger, joy, release/relief.

Therapy can be a space and time for you, to have self care and get to know you again. To enlighten the day and open the door to joy.


This is your life, living is more important then surviving


Validate, Process and Discover


To validate, we have to listen and hear with not just our eyes, but our whole body.

To validate an experience, without avoiding the emotional reaction or response that you or someone may have had or have.


To work though together to collectively understand and make sense of our self, and the situations we fall in. To allow our body and mind to release energy. To construct or create the energy into a sense of empowerment and strength via the narrative or creative process.


To discover ourselves amongst the systems and the energy's that can become fog and stormy weather. To discover our worth, solutions, goals and abilities.

About me

The Process for Designing A 1 Psychotherapy's Logo 


Designing a brand to represent what I am as a psychotherapist was an important process. I thank my clients/participants, my family and my supervisor for the continuous support, in their response to what I offer as a psychotherapist and person. I sent out variations of a logo, to understand how my clients/participants see me and what their version of my service looked like for them. Perceptions are important, experiences are important and so is my own value system. I sent my logo out to those who do not know much about  my work, but have an opinion of what it may look like.  This was important and was all included in the production of the designing. 

  • A 1 represents the easel, the platform for the art to be explored. 

A 1 also represents the creativity and space.

  • Gold, is worthiness, pure and elegant. 

  • Background colours foster nurture and calm. The red, yellow and blue tones, are used as they are the primary colours, mix them with one another or a shade of white and you can create the endless possibilities of colours(opportunities). 

  • An opened  hand, is a willing hand, to hold space, to connect with, to journey with.

  • Gold on hand flame/leaf/paint/drop a flame of hope, a leaf for growth, a paint, for the mess, and a drop for the emotions within.

  • Circle represents the unique entity of a person, not fitting into the average shape. The opened space of ones journey, and the boundaries we hold.


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