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Face to Face Art/Creative Psychotherapy

Face to Face Art/Creative Psychotherapy

Art psychotherapy, is a type of therapy that uses creativity as a tool to communicate, express and release some of the emotions and energy. Art therapy can be and may look like many different things.  In session, you may see, but not be limited too a mindful activity, a visual art expression and a reflection. You also can use art as a way to guide your discovery. Art, includes expressive mediums, (drama, voice, narrative, writing, play) and visual arts(collage, painting, colouring-in, drawing, pastels, inks, clay, sand).


Online Art/Creative Psychotherapy

Online Art/Creative Psychotherapy

Online can be beneficial as it is the privacy of your own home. You do not need to travel.
Art/creative Psychotherapy is very similar as the face to face.
The same process occurs.
However the art materials is depended on the client/person seeing therapy. An ipad, tablet, phone, laptop or desktop are able to support the online therapy.
A private place and headphones with a built in mic is recommended.

Face to Face Art/Creative Psychotherapy

face to face/online

Psychotherapy uses many counselling techniques. Psychotherapy is a talking therapy, it can be as powerful as Arts Psychotherapy. Any therapy is reliant on the transparency, trust and authenticity of the therapeutic relationship. In sessions, I often look at inner child, grief and loss and altered states of mind.  Psychotherapy can support the need of being heard and validated.


Group Therapy

Adolescent, Family and NDIS Participants

Please send an email for further information into tailored group therapy. Ask for an intake form to see if A 1 Psychotherapy could provide such support.  For programs available, please click on the link below for any group programs that may support your needs.

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